About Us

Established in 2013, we are one of the longest running blockchain payments and invoicing platforms in the world. Our services enable our merchant partners to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and EOS as forms of payment, without ever having to deal directly with the complexities of blockchain currencies. Our international gateway provides our merchants ultimate security and flexibility of payment methods without the danger of charge-backs, market volatility, or payment fraud. We offer fast and convenient fiat or cryptocurrency settlements, with a low 1% fee on most transactions. Our platform is established and trusted. In fact, many independent software companies build POS and other innovative solutions directly on top of our gateway. With our efficient and economical payment solutions, global buyers have access to travel, luxury retail, software, hosting, gaming, and professional services such as accounting, and law firms, while maintaining privacy in their transactions. GoCoin makes next commerce accessible, powerful, and simple.

Integration of our services is available through pre-developed or custom APIs. Our platform includes a client dashboard with reporting functionality, customization and access to one-on-one technical support. Our merchant services manager is also just a click or call away.

Where We Are Headed

Since 2013, GoCoin has survived and flourished in the digital currency gateway market, where many competitors may have failed. Blockchain commerce (“next commerce”) is ripe with retailer acceptance, and international consumer demand continues to rise. As a boutique, hands-on, blockchain merchant payment processor, our current foundation remains strong, established, industry-tested and secure. As a small company, we have proven our agility with the ability to adapt to continuous market climate changes quickly, as well as maintain the willingness and capability of working directly with our merchant clients toward tailoring our services to meet their individual needs, while standing by for their support.

To this end, we will persist in the adoption and implementation of preferred blockchain currencies, while continuing to grow our merchant client base in the travel, luxury retail, legal, accounting, tech, and iGaming industries.

Our Mission

The inception of GoCoin was the result of people from a variety of business sectors coming together to find a way for the growing number of consumers holding Bitcoin to spend it, and for the many merchants worldwide to reach those customers by being able to accept it. GoCoin’s combination of experienced professionals who possessed extensive knowledge in finance, blockchain technologies and programming, combined with a track record of successful startups, positioned the company to stand out against the competitive, blockchain landscape.

This has helped GoCoin to simultaneously promote a positive image for both the entity itself, as well as the public’s perception of, and faith, in cryptocurrencies. Our customers, merchants of all sizes and types, continue to witness a reduction in risks and costs associated with traditional payment processing methods, while gaining access to a global consumer base, resulting in higher profits.

This mission continues…